MA Fashion Journalism

MA Fashion Journalism

The Fashion Journalism pathway provides the academic background and technical and analytical skills to succeed in the challenging world of modern-day media, including both print and digital. The pathway continues to build on the College’s forty-year track record in Fashion Journalism, offering the opportunity to focus on fashion writing for different media and markets typically leading to writing and editing jobs on magazines, newspapers or websites. Framed in a broad, international context and aimed primarily at writers and editors, writing for traditional magazines and newspapers is explored, alongside digital publishing including blogs, websites, e-commerce and social media. The pathway responds to the industry’s insatiable demand for quality, written content from smart, fashion-aware journalists, promoting a creative and commercial understanding of fashion journalism.

Jennifer McCoy-Meshey ⇢

Kriti Asthana ⇢

Yue Yuan ⇢

Lucia Peris ⇢

Jeena Sharma ⇢

Trey Taylor ⇢

Matilda Ohlsson Arnell ⇢

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